“As our company was growing rapidly, we realized over a year ago that we were outpacing our ability to handle our bookkeeping workload without more help.  Our banker suggested that we outsource, rather than hiring more staff, and recommended Balance Right Services to us.  We could not be happier with their service.  We now have our books in order and have reports which provide us up-to-date information on our payables, receivables and profitability.  In fact, our CPA, after reviewing their work, complimented them by saying, “These guys are not your ordinary bookkeepers; their work is really good and shows that they know what they are doing.”   Balance Right is a great team, always accommodating and pleasant to work with.  I recommend them highly.”

Eric Partridge, CEO, Thrive Support Services, Inc.


“After performing the bookkeeping for the Peter Pan Foundation in-house since the inception of the organization in 2007, we decided it was time to engage a professional bookkeeping service.  Balance Right Services was strongly recommended to us, and their company has definitely surpassed our expectations.  Their attention to detail and accuracy give us more drill-down information and confidence in our financial statements, which has been greatly appreciated by the Board of Directors.  They are also great folks to work with, as well as responsive to any of our special ad hoc needs.  I strongly recommend them to any organization seeking an upgrade in their bookkeeping services.”

Svend Ryge,  Treasurer, Peter Pan Foundation


“Our organization takes pleasure in highly recommending the bookkeeping and fiscal data support services of Balance Right Services (BRS).  Our organization engaged BRS to assist us in completing and refining our transition from a cash accounting system to an accrual accounting system using QuickBooks. Working closely with us and after gaining a detailed understanding of our special requirements and our goals for the future, BRS created the specialized financial reports to meet our needs.   Completing this effort has materially improved our organization’s financial management process.  Any person, organization or company would be well served by engaging the services of BRS.”

James A. Hart, President Board of Directors, Lafayette, War Veterans, Inc.


“Community Development Finance is a nonprofit organization in Oakland, California.  Although we are a small organization, we have complex and extensive financial and bookkeeping requirements.  Balance Right Services has worked through detailed and difficult issues to provide us with needed financial documents that also assist us with management issues, which is very important to the success of our operations.   In addition to their accounting competence, they are wonderful people to work with.  They are always helpful, friendly and easy to communicate and work with.  We are extremely pleased with the work they have done and recommend them without hesitation.”

Daniel M. Leibsohn, Executive Director, Community Development Finance